Wombat Wuv
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date November 30, 2001
Written by Tom Burkhard
Directed by Donna Pescow
Production code 211

Wombat Wuv was the sixteenth episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on November 30, 2001.


Ren's attempt to be a cheerleader fails when she discovers she is not perky enough. In an effort to reverse this, she ends up going to the other extreme, and even cheers while doing laundry.

Louis becomes the new school mascot when he sees the cheerleading instructor. He stops hanging out with Tawny, but then realizes he may have made a mistake when he discovers not even the cheerleading instructor is perfect.



  • After Louis crashes at the pep rally, Twitty comes to his aid and removes the jetpack Louis is wearing. He holds it at both ends when he takes it off, including the end where the flames comes out, which would be way too hot to touch.
  • Louis sees Ms. Morgan and asks Twitty, "Who's she?" Twitty reacts rather disinterestedly, saying that she's just "some lady." Well, eighth grade boys don't often react that way when they first see a beautiful dark-haired woman in her twenties wearing a short skirt!
  • During one of the cheerleading routines, Ren is lifted up off the ground, despite the fact that she's the tallest girl on the squad. Normally, a smaller girl would be hoisted in the air.

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