Wild Child
Season 2, Episode 11
Air date September 28, 2001
Written by Dennis Rinsler
Directed by Paul Hoen
Production code 209

Wild Child was the eleventh episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on September 28, 2001.


Eileen hires a professional to help her family appear presentable on a live news report. Louis ruins the interview.

Then, He begins to run wild. Louis, in an attempt to change his image to make his mother proud, enters the science fair.



  • Donnie holds an NFL football with the logo altered.
  • The two boys that Nelson first challenges in the hall after he learns his new "martial arts" skills are both standing on a stairstep to make them look as tall as he is. They're all still shorter than Ren, who is in the shot with them.
  • According to the dialog, Louis and Ren are still in the seventh and eighth grades, respectively.
  • The opening shots of Louis on his bike use a rather obviously faked background.
  • A small American flag that decorates the Eco-Bot disappears in the shot where it hits a model volcano while it's running out of control, then it reappears in a later shot.
  • Cynthia Mills (Jody Howard) is seen on the job again as a reporter, even though she got fired in a previous episode, "Broadcast Blues." (This episode was filmed before "Broadcast Blues," but wasn't broadcast itself until after it.)
  • When Cynthia Mills' toe is stepped on by Louis, she picks up her left foot in the first long shot, but in the close-up that follows, she's holding and rubbing her right one. Later when she is at the broadcast center there is a cast over her right foot.

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