Tight End in Traction
Season 2, Episode 20
Air date January 11, 2002
Written by Matt Dearborn
Directed by Philip Charles MacKenzie
Production code 216

Tight End in Traction was the twentieth episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on January 11, 2002.


Louis becomes jealous of all the attention Donnie is recieving when he is going to be inducted into the Wombat Hall of Fame. He rigs the pommel horse Donnie is going to perform on to a motor from a motorized bull.

Things go awry when the motor goes out of control. Donnie ends up breaking his tail bone.



  • Steve Stevens mentions that he has four brothers. This is in addition to a sister he mentions in "Devil Mountain."
  • At his tribute, Donnie is pictured on the walls of Lawrence Jr. High in action in these sports: football, gymnastics, track & field (discus), basketball, golf, and ultimate frisbee!
  • Tugnut says that Donnie left Lawrence Junior High 19 months before. A banner is seen on a school wall that says Donnie was the Most Valuble Player on the 1997 football team.
  • Even allowing for comedic license, having Donnie in a position where he graduated junior high "18 long months ago" is a ridiculous stretch. Based on the show's school system, that would put him in the 11th grade, where the common age is 16 or 17. In reality, Spano was about 26 or 27 during the filming of this episode and looks older than 20.
  • Coach Tugnut said Donnie graduated 2 years ago, then before he sings, he says "18 long months ago". 2 years is 24 months, not 18.
  • When Ren and her mom are driving and they're at the intersection with the college coach, he is in a green SUV type car, and Ren and her mom are in a tannish car. Then at the end of the show when the coach is chasing Donnie, he is in the tannish car, not the SUV.
  • When Donnie is thrown from the mechanical bull, he plummets toward the ground face-down with his hands in front of him. The impact is not shown, but in a shot immediately afterward he's still face-down with his buttocks facing up. It's hard to imagine, then, how he did such damage to his coccyx.

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