Thin Ice
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date August 3, 2001
Written by Suzie V. Freeman
Sarah Jane Cunningham
Directed by Jonathan Winfrey
Production code 204

Thin Ice was the seventh episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on August 3, 2001.


Louis and Twitty are making prank calls to people they know. Ren reunites her old childhood friend Nelson Minkler.

However, she feels awkward about his presence at school. So, she ducks out of a dinner with his family to go to a skate party with Bobby Deaver.



  • Bobby mentions that he has a little brother in the 3rd grade. Later in "Devil Mountain" he says he has a sister also.
  • When making the prank phone call to the Deans, Louis says they have only ten seconds to answer. They take at least twenty, but Louis still tells them they won. Of course the whole thing is phony, but for some reason Twitty is shown right beside Louis holding a stopwatch like he's seriously keeping the time.
  • Tawny tells Louis and Twitty near the end of the show that she and her father knew that the boys were making the prank phone call the whole time, but it certainly looks like they had them fooled when the call first came.

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