Take My Sister... Please
Season 01, Episode 03
Evens Steven S01E03
Air Date July 1, 2000
Writer Lore Kimbrough
Director Paul Hoen
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Take My Sister... Please was the third episode of the first season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on July 1, 2000.


Louis wants to enter Lawrence Junior High's upcoming talent show. Realizing he waited too long to sign up for a slot, he tries desperately to get in, fearing that he would be the only member of the Stevens family not to get a trophy for something. Louis tries to either get his own slot, or convince Ren to let him join hers both at school and at home, but fails both times. When the tryouts are discussed at the dinner table later that day, Eileen coerces Ren to let Louis share her spot. The Stevens' act consists mainly of jokes about the age of a history teacher.

It seems like it'd be an easy win. However, Larry Beale tries to break up the act by reminding Ren that she's merely a straight-woman for Louis' jokes, and she quits. From there, Louis seems willing to go it alone. Unfortunately, Larry and Ivan dump their originally planned magic act, and steal all of Louis's jokes. Ren watches from the audience with the rest of the Stevens family, and is so disgusted with them, she offers to rejoin Louis again, this time performing a mock-opera with him.



  • Ren and Louis were friends as children. We see this because Eileen says that she remembered them having an act like singing and dancing when they were younger.
  • Donnie says he scored six touchdowns in practice, which the coach told him was a "quarterback record." In most of the other episodes where Donnie and football are mentioned however, he appears to be a running back.
  • When the Stevens family gets home from the talent show nobody closes the door and the next time you see it, it's closed.
  • Even though we should allow for some comedic license on this show, the amount of time that the eggs keep raining down on Steve Stevens' head after he's messed up while juggling them is way, way too long. Some of them would have had to been fifty or sixty feet in the air to take that long to drop!
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