Snow Job
Season 03, Episode 17
Ren and Coach Korns
Air Date September 23, 2002
Writer Dennis Rinsler
Director Jonathan Winfrey
Previous Beans on the Brain
Next Stevens Manor

Snow Job is the seventeenth episode of the third season of the Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens. It was written by Dennis Rinsler, directed by Jonathan Winfrey and released in the United States on September 23, 2002

Plot SummaryEdit

Louis thinks he will fail his algebra exam, so he hatches an elaborate scheme to get out of it. That scheme involves a huge snow-making machine propped up in front of Principal Wexler's house to make him believe that a blizzard has just hit Sacramento, so that he'll call a snow day. When that fails, Wexler meets Steve and Eileen to inform them that he's suspending Louis for a week. Eileen's tries to tutor him, but it doesn't help. When Ren finds out he's too embarrassed to ask for help from the teacher, she encourages him to do so upon his return. However, Ren isn't having the best time at school either. While doing a report on Lawrence Junion High's track and field team, she accidentally injures the school's champion pole-vaulter. When she tries to aplogize to Coach Korns (Phyllis Diller), the coach insists that Ren serves as her replacement and learn pole vaulting before the track meet.

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