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October 11, 2002 Canada="hiddenStructure" October 11, 2002 Canada="hiddenStructure"
Short Story
Season 03, Episode 09
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Air Date June 21, 2002 USA

October 11, 2002 Canada

Writer Sarah Jane Cunningham and Suzie Villandry
Director Peter Baldwin
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Short Story is an episode of the original Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens. It was written by Sarah Jane Cunningham and Suzie Villandry, directed by Peter Baldwin, and aired on June 21, 2002

Plot Summary[]

Some students from Jefferson are temporarily going to Lawrence High, and Ren, Ruby and Monique are checking out the boys for possible dates to the upcoming semi-formal dance. Ren is sharing a locker with a Jefferson student named Travis Gresham. She is infatuated with him, but she's never actually seen him yet, despite her efforts. Meanwhile, Louis is incurring the wrath of all sorts of people, including Twitty, Principal Wexler and a girl named Charlene, who stomps on his feet, because of the pranks he's been pulling. But in truth, Louis isn't the one doing those things; it's some other mysterious guy.

Ren finally hears someone address Travis by name at lunch, so she goes over, sits down and talks to him. After a while, she asks him to the dance. Travis is everything she's been looking for--until they both stand up and she sees that he's half a head shorter than she is! Ren is looking through the school files when she comes upon a Jefferson student named Loomis Freeman. The guy is a dead ringer for Louis and his evil twin. It soon becomes obvious to Louis that Loomis is the one who has been causing all the trouble, though he insists that Loomis's pranks are amateurish and immature.

In science class, Ren has a daydream about going on a date with Travis, where the waiter considers him a half person, and he needs a booster chair to see Ren. But the worst part is when Monique sees Ren, and invites herself to sit with Ren, unknowingly sitting on Travis, causing him to get stuck to her butt. After snapping out of it, Ren makes up a lame excuse to get out of going to the semi-formal with Travis. At the dance, she realizes what a great guy Travis really is and admits to him why she didn't go out with him. Louis meanwhile is up above the floor on a catwalk confronting Loomis. He's not only mad becasue Loomis has been getting him in trouble, but also because the new kid doesn't pull off his pranks and practical jokes with the same style that he himself does. During the struggle, a water balloon gets dropped on Ren. Loomis has the last laugh, though, when Tawny, not knowing he isn't Louis, slow dances with him while Louis helplessly watches from outside.

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