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Renee "Ren" Stevens is the middle child of the Stevens family. She's the younger sister of Donnie Stevens and the older sister of Louis Stevens. Ren is a Straight A student. She enjoys singing.


It is known that Louis and Ren mostly got along as kids. One of the few episodes where Louis and Ren teamed up in was in "Take My Sister... Please", where they performed as a group in the talent show.

Personality and traits[]

Ren Stevens

An intelligent, well-behaved, perfectionist 8th-grader at Lawrence Junior Prison

, Ren is the middle sibling. She is the classic overachiever, constantly running for hall monitor and class president while trying to keep Louis's schemes from becoming disasters. She is the head newscaster for "The Wombat Report" and spent a few weeks on her school's cheerleading squad. Ren is the editor of the school newspaper and the yearbook, a straight-A student, and Principal Wexler's highly-valued assistant. Despite her top-student ranking, Ren got sentenced to, and served, detention on at least one occasion. Ren's favorite color is purple.


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