Ren Stevens was nervous. It wasn't easy dating someone like Travis, but she could manage. Ruby and Monique made fun of the one inch boy, Travis Grisham, but she loved him all the same. This was their third date, but it would be by far the worst. Ren showed up at a fancy restaurant, where Travis was sitting, waiting. Ren and Travis exchanged pleasantries, and Ren picked up Travis and walked to sit down at the table, which the waiter only charged for one. Ren sat on one side, where Travis insisted he sits in his own chair. Since she couldn't see him, she order a booster seat. While the waiter was gone, they had pleasant conversation. When all of the sudden, Monique saw Ren on her lonesome, inviting herself to sit with her. Monique ran on over, sitting down, not hearing Travis say "Hello, Monique. Monique? MONIQUE, WAIT STO-" and the preceding squish. Ren yelled at Monique that she was sitting on her date. To which Monique replied by saying hi to Travis while still sitting on him. When Ren kept yelling at her, Monique walked into a bathroom, Travis stuck to her butt. She walked into a stall, taking her off her pants, Travis still on them, took Travis off, pulled her panties back, opening the butt wide open, and dropping Travis into the crack. She put the panties on, walked to the sink, and washed her ass, water boarding Travis. She then went back into the stall, taking off her panties, wet and long, and plucked Travis out of them and proceeded to shove him into her vagina. She went back to the sink, and put her legs up under the soap dispenser, dropping soap on Travis' head, the only part that was out. She pulled Travis out, and shoved him into her asshole, and proceeded to let any gas out, accidentally sharting popping Travis out, into her pants. She then rolled up the pants, with Travis inside, and dunked the pants in the toilet over and over. She took the pants out, and took out Travis. Travis was still alive, despite circumstances. She put the pants in the toilet and flushed them, put Travis in the front of her panties, and put them on. She walked out, to Ren, and told her to take him. The waiter came in, and said that she must leave. Sick of the waiter, she pointed at him, making him an inch high, allowing her to step on him. It was simple how she did this. She shrunk people all the time. Anyone who got in the way of her and Ren. Travis escaped. Ruby didn't. Louis didn't. The principal didn't. And Ren wouldn't. She pointed at Ren, making her an inch tall, and laid on the chair, bottom up and proceeded to thrust upon Ren, crushing her and extremely damaging Travis. When she got up, she took out Travis, and threw him onto Ren, both terribly maimed, and turned around, pulled her panties down, and shit on them. When the act was over, she pulled Ren and Travis out, and put them in her mouth. She swallowed Ren. She kept Travis alive. She took him out of her mouth, put him on the pile of shit on the chair, and sat on him, finally killing him.

Ren's last moments were more terrifying than that. She was being burnt alive by Monique digestive system, asking why. Travis' corpse was picked up and eaten, dropping in front of Ren, causing extreme horror, as she disintegrated in her best friend's stomach with the dead body of her boyfriend.