Louis in the Middle
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date July 22, 2000
Written by Mark Fink
Directed by Jonathan Winfrey
Production code 102

Louis in the Middle was the sixth episode of the first season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on July 22, 2000.


Louis gains instant popularity when he prevents a popular but stuck-up kid actor named Blake Thompson from choking on the school food. In return, Thompson invites him to become not only a member of his entourage, but to replace Blake's main flunkie Ivan. To gain Blake's resepect as well as the respect of the other students, Louis trades in his repetitive Marlon Brando imitations, with repetitive Austin Powers imitations. This fickle relationship collapses instantly due not only to Louis' repetitiveness, but Blake's own shallow attitude towards people in general. At the same time, he starts to lose contact with Tawny and Twitty, who he believes can't stand the idea that he could have other friends.

Still trying to gain the respect of his new friends, Louis attempts another heroic act at a school-sponsored fund-raising car wash. Although, rather than being grateful, Blake's more annoyed with him than ever. Tawny decides that she and Twitty should shock him back into reality by renting a garden railroad and performing a corny Perils of Pauline imitation. Meanwhile, Ren offers a suggestion box so the students can improve the cafeteria menu. Larry Beale stuffs the box with insults directed at her, a decision he eventually regrets making.



  • Twitty says to Tawny that he has basketball practice later, one of the few times that it's ever mentioned that he belongs to that team.
  • Larry Beale is called by his full name: Lawrence Anthony Beale. Anthony is also the middle name of Louis.
  • Tawny gives Twitty a flower while they watch Louis with his "new friends", but when Tawny and Twitty leave, there is no flower.
  • When Louis is at his locker talking to Blake and Ivan (when all the stuff falls out of it), the big fake bills that line the inside of the locker door are torn in one shot, then are not in the next.
  • In the luchroom, Charlotte says she's "developed quite a taste for this meatloaf," but she appears to be eating peas and carrots.
  • The choker that Tawny is wearing around her neck while she's laying on the railroad tracks disappears when she's untied and helped to her feet.
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