Head Games
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date August 24, 2001
Written by Tom Burkhard
Directed by Peter Baldwin
Production code 205

Head Games was the eighth episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on August 24, 2001.


Twitty, the all-star pitcher for the school baseball team, begins to lose his focus in everything when Louis gets inside his head. Among their attempts to get him to regain his focus is a trip to a mud spring, suggested by Donnie.

It is here where Twitty unexpectedly discovers a solution to his problem. Meanwhile, Ren is thrilled to get a chance to sit next to Bobby Deaver on the school bus, where they both discover that they have one thing in common.



  • One of Lawrence Jr. High's baseball opponents are Shuster Jr. High.
  • The sign for the mud says to repeatedly stir or it will harden, yet no one has been there for a long time. Wouldn't the mud have already hardened since no one has been there to stir it?
  • When they finally pulled Twitty out of the mud, the only part of his body that had mud on it was his nose. His robe looked brand new.
  • Before they got to Big Al's Spa wouldn't you think the mud would be dry. It couldn't have rained because the ground was dry.
  • After all the switching Ruby does to get them together, Nelson ends up sitting next to her. When Nelson tells Bobby to switch there two guys are behind him and when Bobby switches there are clearly two girls behind them!

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