Get a Job
Season 1, Episode 17
Air date January 26, 2001
Written by Suzie Villandry
Sarah Jane Cunningham
Directed by Jonathan Winfrey
Production code 116

Get a Job was the seventeenth episode of the first season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on January 26, 2001.


Louis tries to butter up his father so he'll buy him a used Slushy machine from the convenience store, but Steve Stevens has three words for him: get a job. Ren is a volunteer career counselor at school. She gets Louis three different jobs, including one in "journalism" (a paper route), but he blows all three.

Finally, Louis comes up with his own brainstorm, a dog sitting service. Also, Donnie and Steve get out the big old birdhouse they never finished. Although, when they start working together, they realize why they left it incomplete.




  • One of the jobs Ren gets Louis, is a mascot outside of a restaurant that prominently advertises that it serves bacon. There are frequent recurring mentions of bacon throughout the series, especailly after the character of Beans is introduced. This is not, however, the "Bacon Shack" restaurant where Beans was eating in "Little Mr. Sacktown."
  • The confetti explosion that goes off when Steve Stevens comes home, appears to have been digitally added to the scene.
  • The phone number on the flyers Louis hands out for his dog-sitting service is 555-3242.
  • When Louis is shown on his bike delivering papers, he throws them before he goes the full distance from one house to the next. Maybe this is supposed to show he's a bad paperboy, but maybe it's just an error.
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