Easy Crier
Season 2, Episode 12
Air date October 5, 2001
Written by Matt Dearborn
Marc Warren
Directed by Marc Warren
Production code 208

Easy Crier was the twelfth episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on October 5, 2001.


Louis's makes a plan to use a new and large friend, Lenny, to make the eighth grade afraid of him. It backfires when he learns his new bodyguard is more sensitive than he appears.

When Louis reads Lenny's poem he was going to read on the school news, he becomes more sensitive to his new friend. However, this drastically affects Ren's campaign to get dodgeball out of the curriculum.



  • Lenny's last name is Kranepool, a very rare and uncommon name that is shared by former Major League baseball player Ed Kranepool, a member of the New York "Miracle Mets," who won the World Series in 1969. We suspect the use of the name might be a tribute to the team by the writer and/or producers.
  • Once again it's confirmed that Louis and Twitty are seventh graders (just like in the first season) when they sit at the "8th grade table" reserved for Larry Beale and his crew.
  • Louis tells Lenny "I'd like to pre-apologize for anything I might do in the future!" Ren used virtually the same line speaking to Principal Wexler about Louis in "A Weak First Week."
  • Towards the end when Ren, Larry, and Coach Tugnut are tossing balls at Louis, they're seen with a rack of 8, and they each take one. However, upwards of a dozen or two balls are thrown at Louis in the end with no time to roll a new cart of balls over.
  • The result of the referendum is not revealed, however it is likely that the school voted to retain dodgeball due to Ren and Nelson, the two primary voices of public opposition, changing their stances by the end of the episode.

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