Devil Mountain
Season 02, Episode 10
Es207 130
Air Date September 7, 2001
Writer Matt Dearborn
Director Matt Dearborn
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Devil Mountain was the tenth episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on September 7, 2001.


Louis and Twitty stop hanging out with their new friend Tom when his pizza oven stops working. Tawny becomes disgusted with the two, and points out to them all Tom does for the school, and that their friend wasn't him, but the pizza oven. Ren has some competition for Bobby Deaver's affection.

On a hiking trip, Steve splits the gang up into three partnerships. They are Ruby and Nelson, Bobby and Mandy, and himself and Ren. Ren becomes annoyed with this, and soon storms off, getting lost on the trail, which leads to her father to realize that his little girl has grown up.



  • During the chess match, at least once Tom moved his piece with one hand and pressed the clock with the other, which goes against the rule that a player must move pieces and press the clock with the same hand. Though this rule isn't always enforced in non-sanctioned or junior-level tournaments, which could be the case here.
  • Tom gives his mother's name as Doris. Tawny also tells us that Tom's father is a nurse.
  • Bobby Deaver says he has a sister and a little brother.
  • Steve Stevens mentions that he has a sister named Louise.
  • When Ren is falling off of the cliff, she grabs hold of a branch. When the camera shows her from a top head view, her hair is loose, but when she stands up in the next scene her hair is put up into a braid.
  • Ren takes what looks like a long fall on the backside of Devil's Mountain which would normally result in a serious injury, but she merely drops about ten feet and only breaks a nail. Also, she's holding on to a branch that breaks before her final drop, but when she drops is falling, the branch is nowhere to be seen.

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