Deep Chocolate
Season 01, Episode 12
Es112 105
Air Date September 2, 2000
Writer Jessica Simpson
Director Savage Steve Holland
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Deep Chocolate was the twelfth episode of the first season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on September 2, 2000.


Ren is lobbying to get her own telephone line. Her parents say she can have it if she keeps from insulting Louis for a week. At school, sleazy salesman Mr. Wallace Randall promotes the 7th grade chocolate sale, offering a state-of-the-art motor scooter as a prize for the most sales. Louis catches scooter fever and makes plans with Twitty to sell 400 boxes of chocolate. By mistake Louis and Twitty both order 400 boxes, and Mr. Wallace tells them they're financially responsible for all of them. Twitty and Louis fight about who's to blame and break up their partnership.

The next day Louis gets up early to start selling the chocolate, but his sales technique is lousy compared to Twitty, who even sold Eileen Stevens six bars. Back at home Donnie has used so much hot water in the shower that all the stored chocolate in the garage has melted and is sliding down the driveway. Steve Stevens slips and falls in it, as does Wallace when he comes by demanding payment. Steve Stevens tells him off and threatens to sue him for his business practices, but Louis still has to clean everything up and work to pay for the chocolate. Through it all, Ren has kept her pledge not to insult Louis, and she's rewarded with her own phone. She tells he friend how wonderful it is to have privacy, but Louis has bugged the phone and is broadcasting her conversation to the neighborhood.



  • In the scene where Louis and Twitty are fighting about the chocolte Twitty says he'll take his 400 boxes and Louis his. When Twitty grabs some boxes he grabs three boxes and has his hand on the second box, yet the third one magically floats without any support.
  • During the scene when Louis is speaking with the soccer player, you notice the soccer player's hair keeps changing position during the camera angles. That is, you can see her hair from the front and back during each angle.
  • When Louis' chocolate floods the driveway, Ren wants to insult Louis, but can't until 17 hours have gone by, and she can get her phone. When Louis was cleaning the driveway, the caption said it was a week later. Then in the next shot, Ren was on her phone saying she just got it, but shouldn't she have gotten it a week ago?
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