Broadcast Blues
Season 2, Episode 6
Air date July 27, 2001
Written by Suzie V. Freeman
Sarah Jane Cunningham
Directed by Casey Lynn De Stefano
Production code 215

Broadcast Blues was the sixth episode of the second season of Even Stevens. It originally aired on Disney Channel on July 27, 2001.


Ren is all set to watch her favorite newscaster and role model, Cynthia Mills. Although, she's bothered by Louis and Twitty, who are big fans of the station's clownish weatherman, Zippy Winds. Ren mentions that she is entering a newscasting contest for students with a prize that includes meeting Ms. Mills.

This excites the boys, who see it as a chance to meet their idol Zippy. However, when Ren interviews Tawny the next day at school for an audition tape, Louis is sure that her subject will be too dull to win. He uses the annoying neighbor Beans as part of his plan for a more exciting entry.



  • Beans' real name is given as Bernard Aranguren.
  • Louis is seen eating bacon with Twitty. Um, hello? Bacon is pork and Louis is Jewish. According to Jewish law, you can't eat anything with pork in it. And why would the Stevens have bacon in their house?
  • After Louis fantasizes Ren's anger at him, Ren "supposedly" pulls his right ear. But when his fantasy is over, she pulls his left ear instead.
  • Donny says that Beans lives next door, but in "Close Encounters of the Beans Kind" Twitty and Louis are confused on where Beans lives. When they follow him home, it is obvious that he doesnt live next door because they walk a long distance.
  • It's said that the reporter Cynthia Mills gets fired at the end of this episode, but she shows up again later in "Wild Child" reporting for the same TV station. (This is due to the fact that the two episodes were shown out of production order.)
  • When Twitty is reading off the list of major crops in the Philippines, he says "sugar canes" rather than sugar cane.

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