Bernard Aurengauren's father
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Bernard Aurengauren's mother (mother)
Beans Aurengauren (son)

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Bean's father and his excellent adventures in life

EARLY LIFE Beans' father grew up in a wealthy family in Nigeria. He was adopted by a wealthy Nigerian prince after his family sent the prince $1000 as an advanced payment. The prince held up his end of the bargain and sent bean's father's family 8 million dollars. Beans' father's father realized he could live more lucratively if they got rid of bean's father. Beans' father was then sent to the prince where he grew up in a life of luxury

Death Bean's father died not long after he was sent to the prince. However, he did manage to copulate with a mysterious traveler who showed up on his doorstep before his untimely death. Where this traveler came from is unknown, but some speculators have considered the traveler may have come from a place unknown to our species. Beans was born shortly after, and escaped the prince and swam across the ocean to the united states.