Your Toast
Season 03, Episode 05
Air Date May 3, 2002
Writer Tom Burkhard
Director Gregory Hobson
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Band on the Roof was the fifth episode of the third season of the Disney Channel original sitcom Even Stevens. It was written by Tom Burkhard, directed by Gregory Hobson, and aired on May 3, 2002. This episode was a sequel to Battle of the Bands.

Plot SummaryEdit

The band Twitty-Stevens Connection has gotten back together. Louis on drums, Twitty on lead guitar, Tawny keyboard, Artie Ryan(soon Beans) on Bass, and Ren as the lead singer. Tom films a documentary about the events. After writing a new song with Ren, Louis gets an idea of giving a concert on the school roof. Everyone else but Ren is all for it. Eventually, everyone backs out, but Louis isn't giving up. Even alone, Louis attempts to play the song on the roof by himself and soon all of the band members, even Ren go up and play the music. At the end, Principal Wexler makes them pick up trash.

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